AEH has a dedicated cornea clinic to provide world class super speciality eye care for various corneal conditions. We take pride in being a forefront center for corneal services in the region, combined with skilled surgeons and advanced diagnostic technology.


The progressive thinned and conical-shaped bulging of the cornea’s central region is known as keratoconus. It is linked to serious visual issues such blurred or distorted vision, heightened sensitivity to light, etc. While late stages require a corneal transplant to restore vision, early stages can be managed with spectacles and contact lenses.

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Infectious diseases of the cornea

To avoid long-term problems such ocular surface irregularities and vision issues, eye infections must be treated right away in a methodical and precise manner. We are skilled in accurately diagnosing corneal ulcers, infectious conjunctivitis, and other eye diseases and managing them effectively.

Dry Eye

In order to prevent irreparable surface alterations and visual difficulties, dry eye, a rising hidden pandemic, must be promptly managed due to its association with restricted tear production or quick evaporation of tears. We at AEH have a dedicated Dry eye clinic for though assessment and treatment options best suited for your eyes


A pterygium is a triangular or wedge shaped growth that develops on the conjunctiva of the eye and grows onto the cornea, it’s a part of the ocular surface disorder. The treatment involves complete surgical excision and supporting that area with a new graft. As the surgical technique improves the chance of recurrence is low, compared to the past.

Ocular surface reconstruction

A relatively normal ocular surface may be restored by a variety of cutting-edge procedures carried out by our skilled surgeons in cases where an abnormal ocular surface results from medication side effects, ocular injury caused by acids or alkalis, or other conditions where the cornea and conjunctiva are severely scarred and lose their normal architecture.

    • Amniotic Membrane Graft
    • Mucous Membrane Graft
    • Simple Limbal Epithelial Transplantation

Ocular surface squamous neoplasia

The term “ocular surface squamous neoplasia” (OSSN) refers to a broad range of diseases that affect the abnormal proliferation of squamous epithelial cells on the surface of the eye. People frequently aren’t aware that they have an OSSN lesion, and a diagnosis is only determined after a thorough, regular ocular examination. Nevertheless, due to inflammation, patients may experience redness and varying degrees of ocular discomfort.

Medical and surgical excision have shown excellent results with low chances of recurrences.

Ocular allergy

The primary types of eye allergy are seasonal or perennial (yearlong) allergic conjunctivitis, vernal keratoconjunctivitis, atopic keratoconjunctivitis, contact allergic conjunctivitis and giant papillary conjunctivitis. AEH has a dedicated ophthalmologist who specialises in treating ocular allergy.

Contact lens clinic

Contact lenses can have a variety of uses in a patient’s eye and can be very helpful for a number of non-cosmetic conditions in addition to enhancing eyesight. Extremely specialized treatments provide a one-stop remedy for numerous corneal abnormalities, enhancing field of vision and aesthetic attractiveness. After a thorough examination of the ocular surface and determination of eligibility, a professional’s advice on selecting the best contact lens and offering instructions for use, care, and maintenance will improve performance in daily activities.

  • We specialize in
    1. Semi-soft contact lens,
    2. Rigid gas permeable lenses (RGPs)
    3. Corneo-scleral contact lenses
    4. Rose K contact lenses
    5. Cosmetic contact lenses

Corneal transplant (keratoplasty)

In extreme cases of corneal opacities ( white cornea), a donor tissue is used to replace with the diseased cornea with a primary aim to visually rehabilitate the patient. There are different types of keratoplasty available for different corneal pathologies.