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Our Story

“Aashirwad Eye Hospital” is a renowned eye care center in Gujarat. Initially established in the year 1995 with a small setup of 800 sq.ft., we had an aspiration to become a state-of-the-art and preferred eye care provider.

In the year 1998, we expanded to a stand alone eye care hospital, with fully equipped consultation and operating rooms as well as cutting edge equipment and technology. We soon transformed into a center offering the latest modalities in ophthalmology.

With a reputation as a center of excellence, we provide ophthalmic care to patients from India and across the world. Currently, AEH, has a wide variety of specialty eye clinics from cataract surgery to the treatment of very complex eye conditions. Our laser vision center offers freedom from glasses and contact lens by employing state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

“Our milestones in providing quality eye care”

AEH has been the pioneer in providing the latest technological advances for our patients.

1995 :

Started in a small clinic by our medical director, Dr. Nitin M. Patel

Phacoemulsification in cataract surgery

1998 :

We moved to our present location

Vitreoretinal services: Laser Photocoagulation, 20g vitrectomy

2002 :

Digital fundus fluorescein angiography

2005 :

Customized LASIK surgery,

Implanted first Multifocal IOL (Acrysof ReSTORE) in cataract surgery

2006 :

Torsional phacoemulsification system in cataract surgery- Infinity System,   

Accurus 23g pars plana vitrectomy for safe & sutureless posterior segment surgeries

2007 :

Implanted first Toric Acrysof IOL in cataract surgery

2008 :

Ozil Technology (intelligent phaco) upgraded to Infinity System

FD-Optical Coherence Tomography- for advanced diagnosis of retinal disorder

2009 :

Propak (single use disposable kit) for cataract surgery

2010 :

LenStar LS900 optical biometer for accurate IOL power calculation

2011 :

Implanted first ICL

2012 :

Topography (TMS) for detailed corneal evaluation

2013 :

Started Vista Laser Vision Center with Wavelight Allegretto Excimer Laser

Implanted first Pre loaded IOL in cataract surgery

Specular microscope

2014 :

Implemented iTrace (aberrometer + topographer) for customized phaco-refractive treatment options 

Performed first corneal collagen crosslinking for keratoconus

2015 :

Implanted first extended depth of focus (Symphony) IOL in cataract surgery

2016 :

Upgraded the OT amenities with modular unit

Arrival of Centurion Vision System (most advanced Phaco machine)

2018 :

Implanted first trifocal (PanOPTIX) IOL in cataract surgery

Verion Image Guided System and Surgical Planner

2020 :

Optos Ultrawidefield Retinal Imaging system for easy diagnosis of retinal disorder

 Implanted first newer material IOL (Clarion) in cataract surgery