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About Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a major cause of blindness throughout the world ; accounting for the second most common cause after cataract. Globally, 7-8 million are bilaterally blind due to glaucoma.Glaucoma is a disease of optic nerve where the field of vision decreases so gradually that often the patient does not appreciate the problem till it too late. Unlike the blindness due to other causes , Glaucoma results in permanent blindness therefore it is essential that it is detected and treated before loss of vision takes place.


The diagnosis of Glaucoma requires a detailed eye examination for a combination of clinical signs :

  • Routine vision check up.
  • Slit lamp examination for anterior segment evaluation
  • Intraocular pressure to be checked by Slit lamp mounted Applanation tonometer
  • A detailed optic disc examination with the use of some drops to dilate the eye.
  • Specific tests for Glaucoma : Screening tests like GDx VCC , Automated perimetry for visual field examination , Gonioscopy for angle evaluation.

People who are at risk :

  • Above the age of 40 yrs
  • Having Family history of Glaucoma
  • High myopic
  • Diabetics, Hypertensives

Diagonostic Equipments at Ashirwad Eye Hospital

Ashirwad Eye Hospital is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic tools such as

  • Medmont’s Automated Perimeter
  • Optical Coherence Tomography to measure retinal nerve fibre thickness, which is the earliest structural change in people with glaucoma.

The hospital is also equipped with the latest tool that is GDxVCC to diagnose the glaucoma at very early stage even before there is significant loss of vision.


The modalities to control damage include medical therapy in the form of drops, laser assisted therapy and/or filtering surgeries. These laser and glaucoma filtering procedures are routinely at our hospital annually.The hospital is committed to combat blindness due to glaucoma by enhancing quality of patient care and compatibility of ophthalmologists in early diagnosis and therapy.